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Sidewalk Contractor Queens, NY

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Sidewalks are an important part of any sidewalk contractors job in Queens and they allow pedestrians to walk safely without having to worry about cars or other potential hazards. Several factors can affect a sidewalk. Traffic, harsh weather conditions, and wear and tear  can make a sidewalk uneven and unsafe for pedestrians. As a property owner be aware that if any accidents happen on your property, you will be liable for that. In addition to that, you will also get a violation notice from the (DOT) department of transportation. If that happens we can help resolve the issue. Let our professional services fix your sidewalk in Queens.

Masonry Contractor Queens NY

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Masonry has many different forms, and is not limited to just brickwork , work can include other materials such as concrete, pavers, marble, granite, and limestone. No matter the type of material you are working with, an experienced installation is a must. We can redo your front patio, stoops, porches, flower boxes, retaining walls, paver patio, pool decks, & sidewalk concrete.
If you are looking to get long-lasting and attractive results, Middle Village Construction and our professional contractors you can achieve exceptional and long lasting results for the construction, repair, or improvement of any structure that requires masonry work.

Queens Sidewalk Violation Removal

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Received a sidewalk violation from DOT ?
A sidewalk violation is an official notice issued by the NYC DOT to a property owner, stating that the sidewalk is defective.  The City issues sidewalk violations so property owners must repair their sidewalks for public safety. You have 75 days from the date of inspection to have your violation taken care of. If the city repairs this for you it can be at a high cost to you. A violation can cause a complication when selling or refinancing a property if its not repaired.